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from Christian Marte SJ,
Innsbruck, Austria
Subject: Father Stan Swamy SJ
Jesuit priest, 83 years old,
imprisoned in India.


 Fr. Stan Swamy SJ, 83 years old

I. India, Austria and the Jesuits
• For Austria, India is a very important country (tourism, trade, friendships).
• Christians there are a minority, highly involved in education, health + social services.
• Jesuits have been present in India for centuries, especially with schools and colleges.
• A Jesuit task is also the work with dalits and adivasis (indigenous people) through
promoting their organization, their human rights, and advocacy for them.
• Several Jesuits from India are currently doing university studies in Austria.

II. Father Stan Swamy SJ
• Indian citizen, born 26 April 1937, 83 years old. Jesuit. Catholic priest.
• Fragile health: Parkinson's disease, difficulty in hearing, hernia patient.
• In prison since 8 October 2020, currently in Taloja Jail, Mumbai.
• Arrested by National Investigation Agency (NIA).

III. Reasons for imprisonment
• Fr. Stan is accused of being linked to Maoist groups + involved in the Koregoan case.
• The claims are wrong and denied by Father Stan and the Jesuit order.
• Fr. Stan worked his whole Jesuit life for indigenous people (adivasis) and dalits.
• Sensitive issues are land ownership rights and his work for imprisoned youth.
• Fr. Stan was the last of 16 human rights defenders arrested under the Unlawful
Activities Prevention Act.

IV. My request
• Please contact relevant persons and ask for intervention.
• First goal: the release of Father Stan from prison due to health reasons.
• Second goal: a fair and public trial for him and the human rights defenders.

V. Further information
Wikipedia information, basics
Stan Swamy SJ statement
BBC report
Jesuit activities for Father Stan.


Fr. Dr. Christian Marte SJ
Rector of the Jesuit College in Innsbruck, Austria
25 January 2021




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